6 Ways to Prevent Split Ends

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First of all, ask the girls Try picking your hair up and see if there’s a problem. You have Prevent Split Ends, coarse hair. Do girls think the same thing that ” hair can be called the most beloved thing for women ? I have to think and think again because I regret it. And for those who are facing the problem of damaged hair, especially split ends, even if it only happens to the ends of the hair. But it’s noticeable and makes the overall hair look healthy as well.

And any sis girl who is holding her temples with stress from severe hair loss problems right now, we have 6  simple ways to fix ” split hair” for you to try. I can assure you that whoever follows these methods will help you restore stronger and healthier hair. Ready to help reduce hair split ends very well.

1 Trim the hair often. Helps reduce hair split ends

Easy way to fix split ends hair The first thing that we would like to recommend to girls. What everyone does regularly is to trim their hair often, sure enough. The reason for this is because the longer the hair, the more It increases the likelihood of split ends. This way, regularly trimming your hair ends will also help to trim away dry and unhealthy split ends. Regardless of whether a sis woman has short hair, shoulder- length hair, or long hair, she should trim her hair regularly every 6-8 weeks to maintain healthy hair ends and reduce split ends.

2 Don’t wash your hair too often. Because it may cause more dry hair

Many people when faced with hair problems. Whether it’s dry or damaged hair, oily hair, frizzy hair, or split ends. You may think for yourself that washing your hair often May help solve these hair problems… But we would argue with all our heart that it’s not true at all! Because when the hair is wet is the time when the hair is very fragile. In addition to the risk of hair loss and fall easily. Washing your hair too often can also make it easier to split ends, so women shouldn’t wash their hair every day or wash their hair too often. But if you want to revive split-end hair for better hair health It is recommended to use a gentle shampoo with natural ingredients. To add moisture to the hair and scalp is best.

3 Nourish the hair to be soft and smooth with argan oil.

Anyone who is facing the problem of split ends. It would be noticeable that the hair is very dry and frizzy. And a hair conditioner that will help restore your hair to be softer and more hydrated than before is “argan oil” that’s it. You can buy hair care products containing argan oil to nourish your hair on a regular basis. For example, a hair treatment that is applied to damp hair. or hair serum before styling Because argan oil moisturizes your hair without leaving it feeling sticky like other oils. It also has small particles that can penetrate into the hair and scalp as well. 

4 Avoid bathing at too high a temperature.

Did you know that the heat radiated from the bath water It is considered to be a cause of damage to dry and damaged hair and cause hair split ends as well. And I guess there must be a lot of sis girls who like to take a warm, relaxing bath. But high-temperature water damages the health of the hair, weakening it. This can damage the natural oils that protect the hair and scalp. As a result, the scalp becomes dry, peeling and becomes dandruff. dry and frizzy hair fragile hair scales and split ends can occur, so we recommend taking a shower and washing your hair with cold or room temperature water instead. This method is better for your hair health than using warm water ufabet.

5 When drying hair, leave the ends of the hair

Please know that “heat” is a bad enemy for split-end hair. It will make the ends of the hair dry and damaged many times harder than before. Like this when using a hair dryer after you have finished washing your hair. Then turn on the hair dryer on the lowest heat. And use a blow dryer to focus only on the base of the hair and the upper hair rather than the ends of the hair is best. Or if you’re not in a hurry or have business to go somewhere, use a hair dryer with cool air instead. Although it may dry my hair a bit slower. But I can assure you that it will reduce the risk of hair becoming dry, damaged or split ends.

6 Wipe your hair with a microfiber cloth to help preserve your hair

Has any girl ever been shocked when she wiped her hair and saw a bunch of hair fall out??? The reason why I have a lot of hair loss after washing my hair is because The wet period is when the hair is most vulnerable. when being combed or being wiped vigorously It will fall very special. There is also a chance of split ends as well, so we would recommend that girls. Instead of using a towel to wipe your hair after washing your hair, try using a “microfiber cloth” to gently mop your hair instead, because microfiber cloths can absorb water better than normal towels. So there is no need to wipe the hair vigorously. It can absorb water from the hair. It also helps my hair dry faster.