Skincare steps Even if you have to stay at home

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What skin care do you need to stay at home? You don’t need to use skin care. Tell me that you are not absolute! Today we are incorporating the necessary skincare steps. Even if you have to stay at home Let’s leave! Even if we work from home Or stay in the house But our skin still has to be exposed to pollution, dust, and sun damage to the skin. Lack of moisture So don’t trust it. ยูฟ่าเบท at home, you should use the following skin care skincare!

1. Skin conditioning with toner

     In the process of washing your face The oil that covers our face will be washed away. Which after washing your face, if the more you leave the skin without rushing to add moisture The skin becomes even more dry. And the skin will begin to excrete more oil to reduce the water loss under the skin, which can make the skin oily. Therefore, after every face wash There should be skin toning with toner. This toner will help the skin to better absorb the skin care that we prepare to be in the next step.

2.Ta essence texture light, skincare

     Staying home during the warmer and hotter weather Selection of light skin care Absorbs into the skin quickly. Does not leave any greasy residue on the skin. It is better than choosing a high concentration skin care. This will make the skin sticky and can cause clogging as a result. Especially people with oily skin And sensitive skin Therefore, choosing a skin care essence is another skin care that is suitable for the time you need to stay at home.

3. Apply a moisturizer to add moisture.

     Many people might think that moisturizer will make the skin sticky during the day. Tell me that you have misunderstood it anyway. Moisturizer that adds moisture. It does not add oiliness to the skin. Which if our face is moist enough The skin will not produce too much oil. In which, if anyone is afraid that if the moisturizer will be sticky on the skin, then choose the one that is gel texture that will spread easily and quickly absorbed

4. Apply sunscreen

     Even if we are at home But that doesn’t mean our skin can escape from various rays, just by opening the curtain. Open the window to let light enter the house. This can be considered to allow UVA rays to enter. This does not include light bulbs and Blue Light from the mobile screen. Computer screen again Which these light can harm our skin as well. So at home, do not forget to apply sunscreen!